About Us

Rosalie James & Ricky Grierson met through their mutual love of dachshunds resulting in them volunteering their services to save dachshunds.

In life it is believed things happen for a reason. Through Ricky & Rosalie’s devotion to saving daxies “Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue ®” was formed ensuring the future safety and certainty of rescuing daxies.

D2DR (as we like to call it), has a Committee of Management of five who all come to the table with their own specialities and areas of expertise. There is also two Sub-Committees, Foster & Marketing/Promotions who report back to the main committee on the regular basis.

Rosalie James and Ricky Grierson have devoted their time 24/7 over the years to all the dachshunds and the families in QLD for rescue and re homing, they have loved spending time with families and over the phone, either settling in the re homes or helping the families that need to re home their beloved Dachshunds, they are never too busy to take a call for any help, advice or just an ear to give support.

They have built very strong relationships with members of dachshund owners Facebook groups, shelters and rescue groups around Australia and are well known for “no job is too hard when a dachshund is involved!

D2DR’s desire is to continue building genuine relationships with all rescue groups so that they can work cohesively and collectively with the primary aim “Safely saving dachshunds”. For D2DR it really is all about the dogs!

D2DR – Safely Re-homing Dachshunds

The Team