AeroPets’ Pet Transport


AeroPets has earned its outstanding reputation by consistently providing reliable and efficient service with a high standard of professionalism.

Aeropets was founded on a foundation of love and passion for animals, with the goal of providing a safe, seamless and comfortable transport option for travellers and their pets. Over the years we have built up a solid reputation as a personalised, premium service at affordable pricing. We strive to maintain the highest level of pet safety and wellbeing, as well as excellent customer service for pet owners.

 About AeroPets’ specialists

The AeroPets Team consists of experienced pet travel consultants who have provided excellent pet travel advice and quality service to customers over many years. It is their passion for animals that brought them into the work they do, and keeps them upholding Aeropets’ outstanding quality with every pet in their care.

AeroPets’ Focus

Each team member of AeroPets is personally dedicated to the transport of your pet from quotation to delivery. Each of the team are devoted pet owners and animal lovers maintaining a focus and priority on your pet while in Aeropets care.

AeroPets’ difference

Our diverse, specialised departments enable AeroPets to provide excellent service at the right price, minimising the stress on you and your pet in the build up to your pet’s relocation. We are accessible and friendly, providing a personalised service to help smooth the process of pet transport.

Our business reaches across the whole Australian landscape with specialised teams in every state ready to assist you at the push of a button. We have major service ports in all state capitals, enabling us to provide rapid assistance to 99% of Australians.

Our Advantage

Personal Pet Travel Consultant

Pet travel is our only business! By specializing in pet travel, we are able to keep up with the ever-
changing government regulations, country requirements and quarantine laws.

When you make a booking with AeroPets you are assigned a Personal Pet Travel Consultant who will
work with you to arrange the fastest, most direct flight for your pet. Whether you are transporting
your pet around the corner or around the world, we work with your relocation schedule to ensure as
smooth a move as possible.

Comfort and Safety

Your pet, best friend and family member is treated with the upmost love and care. We love animals,
the comfort and safety of every pet is our number one priority.


AeroPets is available for contact 24/7 if you require immediate assistance whilst your pet is in