Colleen O’Neill

In 2004 it was decided that our home needed a FURbaby to a make it complete.

We had researched dog breeds and had made the decision that we wanted a Dachshund!

We went to see a Black and Tan litter… and while they all rushed forward to greet us, there was one little lady sitting all the way at the back, just staring up at me!

She had distinctive white patterns on her and we were told we could have her ‘Cheaper’ as she was the runt of the litter and would not make a good show dog!

Flabbergasted, I took her in my arms, I just knew she was meant for me.

And so was the beginning of my little Dachshund family. We named her Bella and she would spend the rest of her 10 year long life battling all sorts of medical challenges and by the time she was 1 Year old she was blind in both eyes!

For a surprise on her 1st Birthday we bought home a FURsister for her. Little Pepsi Cola a miniature tan Dachshund, joined our family in 2005!

Words cannot describe the joy that our FURkids have bought us. 

Having a special needs doggy like Bella, made me feel so helpless at times but I also took some joy out of being able to help her live a wonderful life. 

In 2014, Bella passed away at 10 years of age after battling illness. She never gave up and was the bravest doggy I have ever known. She tackled every obstacle in her life with a lick and hug for her FURmum.

Our little family was left devastated and her FURsister Pepsi, wasn’t able to cope without her soul mate L

One month later, we were blessed to be able to adopt a Dachshund in need… Our sweet and crazy ‘Nacho’ was bought into our lives by the wonderful Ricky Grierson.

Several years on and Pepsi (aka Granny) was getting old and Nacho needed a play friend.  So along came Cookie Monster.  

Cookie and Nacho are best buddies and keep each other occupied while little old Granny sleeps and enjoys her life of leisure.