What we do

A day in the life of a D2DR Rescue & Rehoming Coordinator

I was asked to try and write up what I do, how long it takes in hours and time and what it is I actually do!  Every case is quite different in circumstances and events that lead to a re home of a dachshund.  It starts with a phone call, text or message on Facebook,  if it is a case of the dog/s need to come out immediately then my skates are on.  Firstly description of dog/s, type size, vaccinated micro chipped de sexed, behavior and reason for re homing.  This call usually will be as long as an hour depending on the circumstances surrounding the situation.  My next step will be to arrange transport, fostering and vet.  It may entail a 4 hour round trip to pick up the dog and deliver to a foster Carer, it may be a foster Carer picks up and delivers the dachshund to another foster Carer that is free to care for the dog/s.  This could take up to 2 hours of organizing, resulting in myself picking up.  Once in foster Carer hands, if they need de sexing and vaccinations an appointment with our vet will be set up.  Depending on the nature and temperament of the dachshund a suitable foster Carer will be chosen to help with the specific needs of the dachshund.  After assessment I will begin to write and ad that best suits the dachshund to find its suitable new owner.  The information is filled into the data base to check suitable homes on the data base.  Pics are taken and the ad/copy will be loaded on the website advertising the dog for adoption.  Every response will be personally answered, all adoption inquiries must have forms filled in full before we will consider a home suitable or not.  Owners will be informed of potential new homes and discussed at length to find the best suitable match.  Meet and greet is arranged, if there is an existing dachshund in the home the meet and greet will take place on neutral ground for the 2 dogs to be introduced.  A time frame on this could be a week minimum to many weeks till we are all happy with the choice.  Many phone calls and an enormous amount of hours will go into the well being and successful re homing of one little dachshund’s future life in our trusting hands.