What we do

A day in the life of a D2DR Rescue & Rehoming Coordinator

People ask what do we do as a charity?

“No Dachshund Left Behind” explains it simply, but every rehome is different in circumstances and the events that lead to the re-home of a dachshund are varied.

It starts with a phone call, text, or message on Facebook.

We gather all the information needed, ie, dog type, size, vaccinations, micro chipped, de sexed, behaviour and the reason for re homing.

Next, we will arrange transport, from the phone call to collection It can be a 4 hour round trip to pick up and take ownership of the dog.

Once in the Foster Carer hands, we determine the nature and temperament of the dachshund and start the lengthy process of choosing a suitable foster Carer.

The Foster Carer does and assessment on the dog and its nature and we check our data base to see if there is a suitable home already in the system.

If there is not a suitable adoption home in the system, then pics are taken and the ad/copy will be loaded on the website putting the dog up for adoption.

Original owners will be informed of any potential new homes and we discuss at length with them, in order to find the best suitable match.

This could take a week to a month till we are all happy with the choice.

To ensure that each dachshund gets the chance to live their best life we make many phone calls and put in an enormous number of hours.

Once we get some prospective owners interested, we plan meet and greets, and if it all goes according to plan, there is an adoption.