Adopting a rescue animal is not just fulfilling for you, but it gives a Dachshund another chance at a wonderful life!

So, you have fallen head over heels in love with those big eyes and you have decided you want to adopt a daxie?  That’s great!  But if you think it’s as easy as filling out a form and first in best dressed you might be disappointed.

Finding the right dog – not just the dog you want, but the dog who suits you and your family, too – can be a long  process.

The team at D2DR are passionate dachshund owners.  They understand that not all daxies suit all homes, they know about the intricacies of the breed (there are lots!), their stubbornness, their health issues and most importantly they want to ensure that every daxie is placed in a forever home where both dog and owner can enjoy this wonderful breed without any future heartache.

Yes, sometimes despite the endless telephone calls and “hard questions” we do get it wrong.  That is why we always place our rehomes on a two week trial.

Please note , once a potential home is approved you will be required to attend a meet and greet. This is for the benefit of the Dachshund and its new owner, and to safe guard that both are happy to adopt. This policy is not unlike any other welfare group and we trust that you respect how important this is for the benefit of all parties.

Interstate and out of South East Queensland areas please make sure you understand and accept the above policy.

Still interested?  Pawsome!  Keep on reading while we give you the answers to some FAQ’s.

  • D2DR usually seek dachshund experienced homes as this breed does have specific needs. Eg if you are looking for a dog that is going to catch a ball, run for miles and catch a Frisbee… consider a Border Collie :p
  • D2DR only place a daxie with separation anxiety into a home where there is someone at home full-time and are experienced with separation issues and prepared to work through it. Many dogs are being re-homed due to neighbour complaints.   Daxies have big lungs to make loud noises when underground and are prone to vocalising when left alone for extended periods.
  • Daxies have short legs and longggggg backs and need to be lifted correctly supporting the front and back end.  D2DR generally do not re-home into families with small children/toddlers for this reason.  We do however educate all new owners on how to pick up a dachshund.
  • We also look for owners with low set homes or those who understand about backs and put in place the necessary precautions such as gates, keeping them off staircases etc.
  • We check that the dog is going to reside inside as their coats do not insulate, they have the same coasts as the Hungarian Visler and Weimarana and they feel the cold. We also make sure that the dog is going to be housed inside overnight as they are ground hunters and will hunt toads, snakes, in fact anything that moves!
  • We check that the dog is going to be exercised and socialised as this stops a bored dog.
  • We do physical house checks and vet references. We also check for secure fencing.
  • We provide a support and information service on health, welfare and dietary issues issues including guidance for difficult or aggressive dogs.
  • We check that you can legally own a dog, ie council regulations, body corporate etc.
  • We provide a life time guarantee of the rehoming for the animal no matter what its age or health.

If after reading this you think a daxie is for you please click on the link below and complete an Adopt a Daxie Application.

Adopt a Daxie Application

D2DR “Safely Rehoming Dachshunds”