Hi there! My name is Aggie and I am a 10-month-old mini red dachshund currently in the care of the wonderful volunteers at @Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue Inc.

I met my foster carer on the 18th February at which time I had very itchy skin and was underweight for my age. We headed off to the Vet where I was diagnosed with a yeast infection and prescribed all sorts of washes and pills. Sadly, after a month and two trips to the vet, even though I had gained weight my skin condition was worsening. It was decided to seek a second opinion.

At this point in time I was very sad. I was living with other daxies who were so happy, playing chasey, chewing beds and all the other pawsome stuff daxies do. I wondered if I would ever be like them or if I was destined to feel like this forever ☹

When I arrived to visit Vet Ernie Animals @ Pelican Waters I was in a sad state, I was itchy all over and had a raging temperature caused by infection in the hair follicles. I was very brave while Vet Ernie checked me over from head to tail; he also took a scrapping of my skin and looked at it under a microscope. It confirmed what he suspected that I had mites… and lots of them!

He quickly told my carer that it wasn’t contagious, that it was called demodectic or puppy mange, quite common in young dogs with inadequate or poorly developed immune systems.

The vet sat down with my carer to work out a plan of attack. It first involved starting me on long course of antibiotics to control the generalised infection. A course of at least 10 weekly vaccinations to kill off the mites were also prescribed however before these commenced Ernie agreed that my immune system needed a massive boost, from the inside out. My little body had been fighting off infection so long it needed time to regenerate before the vaccinations commenced.

So, off we went to visit Annelies Craig, D2DR’s natural remedy angel. I was prescribed a healthy diet consisting of raw and cooked meat (turkey, chicken or roo) with steamed vegies, coconut oil, raw apple cider vinegar, Rose Hip Vital Canine and multi vitamins (the ones teenagers take) …. talk about lotions & potions! I also had a special wash to sooth my skin, which made me feel so much better and an antibiotic lotion for my ears.

I was started on my new diet immediately. It’s like watching Master Chef when my meals are prepared… a pinch of this and a spoon of that all mixed in with some yummy meat and veg. I am one happy hound! I should add that I HATE green beans… I always leave them in my bowl for the other daxies *chuckles in paw*.

Due to the generalised nature of my skin condition it is going to be a lengthy and very expensive process. The vaccinations will commence shortly and these coupled with intensive immune system therapy it is hoped in a few months I will be rid of my itches, giving me a chance at a happy life with a new fur family.

I feel blessed to be in the care of D2DR and hope that you can help by giving a donation towards my treatment. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Aggie <3



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