Alan Deon

Alan Deon

Alan Deon

Hi, my name is Alan Deon.  My partner and I always talk about having a dog, we’d talk about what our childhood pets were and compare notes hoping to find a breed that would fit into our family.  Having had dachshunds throughout his childhood, my partner would talk about how they were the best dogs whilst sharing photos of his childhood daxies.

Finally, in 2013, our lives changed.  On a December day we received a call from Ricky Grierson inviting us to meet a gentle and beautiful black and tan dachshund named Roger currently in foster care.  We jumped in the car and anxiously and excitedly drove to meet Roger.  What can I say, we both fell in love with Roger and agreed to take him home for a trial (yeah right!).  That was it, our lives changed that day, we became owned by a dachshund.  I was obsessed, I was enamored with the breed and wanted another under the pretense that Roger need a friend!

Thank to Ricky and Rosalie, In February 2014, Molly, the pocket sized dachshund joined the household.  Molly was very anxious but with much love and time this crazy little pocket rocket settled into our family.  That’s not to say that there hasn’t been tears.  In July 2015, Molly was struck down with IVDD.  Molly underwent surgery followed by a long period or rehabilitation and today besides the battle scar, our darling girl is backing to being her sassy and crazy self.

Rescuing a dog is such a rewarding feeling, the amount of love, loyalty and protection our two “children” afford us is unbelievable!  Their ability to bring us joy or provide us with a cuddle when we need it has no bounds.

If you are considering rescuing a dachshund, I strongly recommend contacting Rosalie and Ricky and they will be able to find the perfect fit for your family.

Roger and Molly have changed our lives and now my partner and I am able to help the D2DR team.  There is always room for more assistance, so if you have a passion for Dachshunds contact D2DR to become involved.