Amy Innes

I am a Risk Manager by day and a slave to my dachshunds 24/7. Whilst my Grandma bred dachshunds when I was very young, I’ve only ever had one dog at a time. After losing my gorgeous old girl, Muffin, my adoption via D2DR of two dachshunds from different homes has been a whole new adventure – Frankie & Lilly are giving me great insight & real life experience for talking to prospective foster carers/adopters. My passion is working with non-profits to help them do their work more effectively, and am most drawn to animal welfare work. I’ve been involved in a lot of amazing projects over the years, but now directly supporting this group and coupling that with every event involving cute dogs that loooove attention…..I’m in heaven as part of D2DR. Now I just need to get my two trained so that they can get involved as brand ambassadors.