Angela Meehan

Zak was my 1st Dachshund and he lived with me for 15 1/2 years.

I have had other breeds since Zak, however, have always had a soft spot for Dachshunds.

I saw Miss Katie on the RSPCA (Brisbane) site about 3 years ago and couldn’t leave her at the RSPCA.

Miss Katie has been the best companion and together we are whole. Since Miss Katie has chosen to live with me I have become involved with D2DR and it was the best decision Miss Katie and I have ever made.

Mitzy is my other adopted dachshund.  Mitzy came to me as a foster aged 12 years.  When it came time for her to be adopted I couldn’t part with her. Mitzy is now 14 years old and going strong.

Love my girls and so pleased that I adopted them.  D2DR has given me so much; I am so pleased to be part of the committee so I can give back