Alfie – 5yrs Mini Male – Red Smooth – 7.5kg *on 2 week trial from 22/07/20

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Location: Brisbane Southside
*Available for Meet and Greet by appointment*

Alfie is a 5 year old dachshund that in many respects is still a puppy. As such, Alfie is only recommended for experienced dachshund owners who have the time and patience required for ongoing training to curb some of his less desirable puppy traits. 

Alfie is very active and loves his walks (harness recommended and supplied). He can become quite restless at home. He is toilet trained although will need some further re-enforcement – particularly during wet weather. He loves his cuddles on the couch and will sleep in his own dog bed (ideally in the owner’s bedroom) but does like the morning and evening cuddle on the big bed before settling down.

Like most dachshunds, Alfie does bark and its best if you can screen off views of the street and the neighbours (ie solid fencing preferred). Alfie is not good with people he does not know and will bark at them and possibly even nip them. Not suitable for children less than 10-12. Alfie will mouth and even nip the owners’ hand if he feels his under treat. Also, not good with other breeds of dogs other than dachshunds. Again, he will bark and nip. Not totally recommended for dog parks although in the short time he has been with his foster carer has shown some improvement in these areas. Again, the emphasis is on patience. While showing no vocal signs of separation anxiety, Alfie will take out it out by chewing and even eating anything he can get access too. No soft toys and all footwear, clothing etc placed up out of reach.

While possibly as an only dog, perhaps the best situation would be to be rehomed with a dachshund (preferably female) of a similar level of activity.

Alfie is desexed and up to date with vaccinations and flea/tick treatment. He is in good overall health with good teeth. However Alfie does have an existing skin issue that will require on-going monitoring at this stage and possible on-going treatment.

Adoption Fee: $775.00


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