Daisy the Dachshund and Leo the Maltese Terrier both around 7 – 8 years old

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Location: Brisbane Southside
Available for Meet and Greet by appointment

Daisy and Leo were handed in to the Jimboomba vets, unfortunately they were very well circulated but no one came into claim them, Daisy’s chip did not register with any chip company and Leo was not chipped at all.
Daisy require quite some vet work as well as Dental Surgery and so did Leo. They have fully recovered with a clean bill of health for both of them and ready to find a loving forever home.

Daisy and Leo are a sweet bonded pair who love hanging out together. Leo is timid and quiet but will warm up to you, chilling with you on the couch or snoozing at the end of the bed. Daisy is a typical dachie that loves cuddles and has to take up the most of the bed for cuddles. While both Daisy and Leo love sleeping on the bed, they are more than happy to sleep in their dog bed together.
Both are fairly quiet, though Daisy will bark if there’s something around. Leo will only bark in response to Daisy and is usually just deeply sleeping, ignoring the fracas.
Daisy is obsessed with pet birds, jumping on the cage but does not seem to be interested in anything further but would not be suitable with access to chickens. Daisy and Leo are currently living with two other small dogs and are happy to play with them and hang out, Daisy however, has shown a little aggression when out and about.
Both dogs seem to have been around kids Daisy specially as she wags her tail when she sees them.
De sexed, microchipped, housetrained, C5 and Heartworm yearly vaccination wormed and Bravecto (3 months) Dental and health checks as per our Policy.



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