Debbie and Bill Galway

Forty five years ago we experienced the love and Loyality of a Dachshund for the first time.

After that there was no turning back to other breeds and Dachshunds have always been apart of our family.

All of our past Fur-babies have lived a long and happy life and brought us so much joy.

After our 5th Dachshund crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Bill & I decided to become Foster Carers with D2DR. Since 2016 we have been involved with fostering, re-educating and rehoming 50 + Rescues. It’s certainly isn’t easy being a Foster Carer, as you fall in love with each and everyone one of these beautiful dogs and it is hard to give them up. But seeing the joy and love they bring to their new Families makes the task a little easier.

For the past 3 years we have shared the fostering of two permanent Senior Rescues with another Foster Carer Barb Bailey-Dahlheimer. These special Seniors are owned by D2DR and had issues and will possibly never be adopted. However they are in good health and luckier than most as they have two homes and families that will love them forever.

In addition we have also adopted two of our Rescues. Well really they adopted us and we agreed with their decision as we couldn’t bear to part with them.

Now we are owned by a happy pack of 4 Dachshund’s and sometimes with Fostering Rescues our Fur-babies increase to a pack of 6 or more but we wouldn’t have it any other way