Fostering comes from the heart; where a handful of dedicated people give of themselves unconditionally to love a child or an animal.  It’s a great sense of achievement to help others not as fortunate as your own children or animals.

Foster safeHere at D2DR we have many of those special people to care for our Dachshunds, whether they are a rescue, a sick one needing medical intervention and rehabilitation or a re home that needs to move quickly so requires a home away from home to live till they get or are ready for their new forever home.

Some of our foster carers have been fostering Dachshunds for years, and all of our foster carers have had dachshunds for many years, fully understanding their quirky nature and comical personalities.

Our foster carers spend endless hours caring and nurturing their little fosters, walking them, feeding them good quality food, cuddling and kissing them and most will sleep in their beds and be loved; taking them to the vet for various treatments from vaccinations, de sexing, teeth problems and some that have had more serious operations.

And then when they have worked their magic, they say goodbye to them with a heavy heart and tears in their eyes, knowing their job is over and this little Dachshund is going to their forever home that will love and care for them for the rest of their lives.

We would like to say that without all of our foster carers dedicating their time and love in making a difference in each and every little daxie that passes through their home and hearts, that we are are eternally grateful to you.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Carer for D2DR please click on the link below to complete and submit a Foster Carer Application.  Once received our Foster Care Coordinator will be in touch.

Foster Carer Application Form