Jannie Van Popering


 Hi my name is Jannie and I’m addicted to Dachshunds.

In October 1964 when I was my parents bought us a standard dachshund puppy called Maxie and I think from that day I have been in love with Daxies. Over 55 years later I’ve only ever owned Dachshunds and I’m still madly addicted to these dogs. Daxies have hearts of lions, they are so loyal and loving but they can be determined to do things their way, what is not to love about them.

In 2015 I was surprised to learn that people were surrendering dachshunds and there was a group rehoming them. As I didn’t have a Daxie at the time I knew my next Daxie would be a rescue. Before long I found a bonded pair Ziggi and Chloe that were 9 year old girls and I held my breath while I waited for D2DR to approve me to adopt them.  Soon after I adopted another female Daxie Elly who had a terrible beginning and then I came across my boy Archie who needed a home. 

For me one Daxie is never enough so here I am with my 4 beautiful Daxies and I would not have it any other way.