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    Lola @ UQ
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    Lola @ UQ

Volunteering for an animal rescue organisation is an exceptionally rewarding experience however it can also tear at your heart strings when first hand we see the downside to a breed becoming so popular that it compromises the integrity and the innocence of owners desiring to be loved by a dachshund.

This week was no exception.

Meet Lola, a sweet 17 week old miniature short haired dachshund who was purchased from a backyard breeder by an unsuspecting owner. An affectionate and beautiful natured little girl who loves nothing more than to kiss her humans first thing in the morning.

Recently Lola’s owner became aware of a noticeable swinging in her hips when walking and sought advice from two vets. At the point in time she has been diagnosed with a congenital hip defect caused by irresponsible breeding.

From initial examinations it appears Lola has sub-luxation of the hip and leg bones. This is a condition where the hip ball joint doesn’t sit in the hip socket properly but swings from side to side as she walks. It’s also a form of hip dysplasia. On top of this she also needs her bottom canine teeth removed as they are digging into the roof of her mouth.

For Lola to live a happy and healthy life she requires extensive specialist assessment, surgery and countless hours of care and rehabilitation. This coupled with the high financial burden associated with such treatments sadly Lola was returned to the breeder.

A few days ago D2DR were alerted to Lola’s plight after her owners became aware that she could be euthanized. They were devastated. Following many long discussions it was agreed that we could not turn our back on her and Lola has been surrendered to us.

D2DR’s proposal is to take Lola to UQ Gatton Veterinary Hospital as soon as possible for a thorough assessment and diagnosis. Many Queensland owners will be familiar with UQ Gatton who has offered absolutely brilliant specialist and veterinary care to many dachshunds.

It is estimated that the cost of Lola’s surgery will be $5,000 and this does not include the countless hours of rehabilitation, travel and care which will be afforded by D2DR’s specialist volunteers.

Unfortunately D2DR does not have the money to pay for Lola’s surgery and treatment which is estimated to be approx. $5,000. However, we do have the time and specialist volunteers on hand to provide the countless hours of rehabilitation, travel, food and foster care.

D2DR are devoted to dachshunds and we trust with the generous support of dachshund and dog lovers such as you we can give this little girl an opportunity to live and happy, healthy life

17th May 2015

Lola had an appointment with Dr Jane at UQ Gatton Veterinary Medical Centre this morning.

Dr Jane McGhie
BVSc (Hons), MANZCVS (Surgery), DACVS-SA
Small animal Surgeon
Senior Lecturer-
Small Animal Surgery

It has been determined Lola requires extensive assessment, X-Rays and testing and will remain in doggy hospital for two nights.

Here are some photos of Lola’s visit this morning with the wonderful team at UQ Gatton.

We will update you all again once results are available.


20th May 2015

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Well, what can we say about Miss Lola other than “it’s complicated”

Lola has spent three nights with the wonderful team at UQ Gatton Veterinary Hospital where she has undergone extensive testing which included X-Rays, blood tests and a skin biopsy. Test results will not be available for 10 days during which time Dr Jane is also be conferring with specialists around Australia.

In the meantime Lola is now back with her temporary foster carer complete with “the cone of shame” and stiches which are to be removed in 12 days. Here she is snuggled up with her foster bro Winston who has become her protector, so lovely to see.

To date expenses for tests and stay at UQ have totalled $1,230 and we have received $1,200 in generous donations. Earlier this week Sausage Dog Central shared Lola’s story on their Instagram account and she went viral! From this we received a donation from Russia & the UK, truly touching.

We are unsure of Lola’s diagnosis and prognosis at this point in time however we suspect it may be a long and tenuous journey.

We ask that you keep spreading the word by sharing Lola’s story in the hope that we can continue to raise the funds required for her ongoing care.

24th May 2015

Lola sleeping with her cone

Lola sleeping with her cone

Lola sleeping with her foster brother Winston, her protector

Lola sleeping with her foster brother Winston, her protector


Click on the link below to watch Lola walking

Lola Walking on the grass

How can you help?

Donations can be made to help Lola in the following ways. D2DR is a registered charity with the ACNC, all donations over $2.00 are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

PayPal and Direct Deposit details are located at the bottom on this page.

Cheques – please email for address details.

Please do not forget email with your details when making a direct deposit so that a DGR receipt can be issued.

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