LUCY – 5 1/2 YRS – BLACK & TAN SMOOTH FEMALE – 7.5KG – DOB – 17/03/18 ***LUCY IS ON A 2 WEEK TRIAL***

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Meet our sweet Lucy, a black and tan Dachshund overflowing with love and resilience. Having overcome IVDD SURGERY, Lucy has shown so much strength and determination. Lucy’s soulful eyes and gentle nature have a way of captivating everyone she meets. She thrives on neck pats and belly rubs and cherishes human companionship. 

Lucy gets along well with her foster brother, who is also a black and tan Dachshund however, she may require some time to warm up to unfamiliar dogs. Therefore, a patient and understanding home where she can gradually build trust with other dogs would be ideal. Lucy enjoys some playtime and has a short walk everyday, she is great little walker on lead. 

She would be best suited in a loving family environment where there are no children under the age of 12. This is because Lucy may not be comfortable around younger children who may not fully comprehend her sensitivities and boundaries. She has been fine with adults but takes some time to warm to them so patience for her would be required. She requires someone to be home most of the time as she can get anxious when her foster carer leaves her.

Lucy is fully toilet trained and crate trained. She loves her safe space and sleeps in her crate every night with no issues, you will often find her in her crate in the daytime as well having a little nap. She also loves her foster carers yard so a small yard with grass would be nice for her to sun bake in. She does bark if someone is at the door/fence but quite responsive when she’s told that everything is ok. 

Lucy will require medication in the future for a heart murmur however at the moment is showing no signs. It’s recommended she gets checked 6mthly to check progression. 

Lucy is ready to fill your days with love, loyalty, and heartwarming moments. She’s a very special girl that needs her own very special family. 

De Sexed, microchipped, vaccinated and Vet checked as per our Policy.



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