Maggie – Adopted 19/03/2005

Maggie’s Mum says:-

“So yes, our first attempt at being Foster Carers for D2DR saw us join the FFC “Failed Foster Carers” club in record time!

We should add that before Xmas one of our beloved daxies crossed the Rainbow Bridge and our only fur kid Morrison (long hair) was a lost little boy. The day Miss Maggie entered our lives Morrison was beaming bringing her home in the car and couldn’t wait to show her her new digs the moment we walked in the door. The humans were in denial for a whole 3 days, Morrison on the other had found his new mate.

Rescuing and giving our little Miss Maggie a furever home has been one of the most rewarding things we have ever done. The worry about not knowing her past, how she had been treated or even where she slept has been surpassed by the amount of love and giggles she affords us each and every day. It’s like she knows she is special and she most certainly is.”