Marvin – 5 1/2 yrs – chocolate dapple male miniature male – 8.4kg

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*Available for meet and greet by appointment*
Please re submit applications please if you are on our waiting list

Marvin – 5.5 yrs old miniature smooth chocolate dapple male Dachshund. 8.4 kgs

Experienced dachshund owners please only apply.

Once he gets to know people, Marvin is an affectionate loving dachshund that loves being with people and other smaller dogs. He does well with respectful children. Marvin loves to chase balls (although the return part is still a work in progress), spend hours exploring back yards and gardens, and lying in the sun. He loves walks and does reasonably well on lead with some pulling. His off-lead recall is reasonable. He is fine around other similarly sized dog breeds although larger dogs do intimidate him. Marvin travels well in a car.

Marvin’s problem is his barking. While some of this behaviour is down to separation anxiety, the main reason seems to be an instinctive natural reaction. His previous owners tried everything including behavioural training and even barking collars. In the 4 weeks Marvin has been in foster care, he has certainly improved, but his new owner must be prepared and committed to address the barking over a period that could be 6 months or more.

Marvin would be best suited to a home where there is at least one person home most of the time. He loves a backyard but all fencing should be solid so he cannot see the neighbours. Likewise, he should not have any view of the street or passersby. While a sociable enough dog, dog parks are not recommended, purely because of his barking.

For those committed to the longer term, you will be rewarded with a loving affectionate dachshund who will dote on his owners.

Marvin is desexed and up to date with vaccinations and flea/tick and worming treatment. He is in good overall health with good teeth.
De Sexed, Microchipped, vaccinated inc of C5 and annual Heart Worm injection, Fully Vet checked as per our Policy.
Adoption Fee: $1200


If your application is more than 2 weeks old, please resubmit.

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If you are interested and have not completed an Adoption Application you must first complete and lodge an Application.

We are unable to discuss prospective adoptions until the relevant paperwork has been lodged and verified.