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SMOOTH SMALL STANDARD RED MALE – 10 1/2 YRS DOB 19/6/09 in excellent health

LOCATION: Melbourne
Available for meet and greet by appointment

Micky is a playful young 10 yr old, in very good health.
He is unsuitable for young children as they excite him or if they touch him roughly he will growl and nip.
He is great with other dachshunds and engages in play time.
As most dachshunds he is very food orientated so his weight must be controlled.
Micky had a full dental in our care, he teeth were in very good condition with just a couple of extractions.
Micky is a beautiful soul; he loves cuddles and is very loyal to his family members. No issues with other dogs . Can be quite vocal if left alone. He is a barker.
Ideally suited to a home with plenty of human company and maybe his own area when visitors first arrive.

De Sexed Microchipped, C5 and Heartworm yearly vaccinations, Fully vet checked and Full Dental as per our Policy

Adoption Fee: $400.00


If your application is more than 2 weeks old, please resubmit.

If you are on our waiting list and interested please contact us and let us know.
If you are interested and have not completed an Adoption Application you must first complete and lodge an Application.

We are unable to discuss prospective adoptions until the relevant paperwork has been lodged and verified.


Email: rescue@d2dr.org.au