Location: Sunshine Coast Queensland
*Available for meet and greet by appointment*
Mollie Mini Smooth Red Female – DOB 05/09/09 – 8 yrs 8mths – Shortie Mini Smooth Black/Tan Male – DOB 01/04/09 9yrs 1mth


Shortie – Shortie loves to play. He is ball crazy and will fetch and bring it back to you over and over. He is very clever – he’ll bring the ball back to you and drop it. If you ignore him he nudges it with his nose and if you still ignore him he will “ask” you to throw it. If more than one person is playing with him, he alternates who he brings the ball to.
He is friendly with other dogs and will go up to them for a sniff. He walks well on a lead. He doesn’t run away when he is off the lead / the front door is opened and comes when called. He settled in much quicker than Mollie. It took about 2 weeks before he would roll on to his back for a belly rub.
He also likes to burrow under a blanket to sleep and is very easy-going.

Mollie – is the more tentative, timed of the two dogs. Took about a week in foster for her to come for spontaneous cuddles and is very affectionate.She will play with a toy for short period of time but is not as ball-obsessed as Shortie.
Mollie is a hunter – she spends hours in the garden hunting for lizards and toads. She has pulled up a few plants tyring t get to her prey, but as yet hasn’t been able to catch anything. I think it’s just the joy of the hunt more than anything. Other than that she is not a digger. She is good on a lead, fully toilet-trained and doesn’t chew.

Both dogs are de sexed, microchipped, vaccinated inc of Pro-heart yearly vaccination, full dental and fully vet check as per our Policy

Adoption Fee: $750 (Pair)


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