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Black and Tan – smooth male tweenie – 4yrs
Location: Sunshine Coast QLD
*Available for meet and greet by appointment*

Moose was surrendered to D2DR due to food aggression and behaviour issues. He is a handsome 4 year old, smooth hair black & tan De sexed male.  Moose has been in Foster Care for 4 weeks and has learnt to control his food aggression and behaviour.

He is toilet trained and can use a doggy dog and is friendly and loves a walk though needs more lead training.

He is currently in Care with 3 other dogs and is adapting well. Moose is fed with the other dogs and no longer displays any Food aggression.

He is a smart dog who very learns quickly, though his curiosity sometimes gets him into trouble and has been known to open cupboard doors to check out the contents, though has not destroyed anything.

He will follow you everywhere and you may never go to the toilet alone again.

He is good with children and other dogs.

Moose would be suitable as a only dog but needs people’ company; therefore a stay at home person would be considered highly.

Should you adopt Moose you will need to continue with his basic training otherwise he may revert to his old ways.

He is a loving devoted dog who will bring joy to his new Forever home.

De Sexed, Micro chipped, fully vaccinated inc Pro Heart, fully vet checked as per our Policy.

Adoption Fee: $600



If you are on our waiting list and interested please contact us and let us know.

If you are interested and have not completed an Adoption Application you must first complete and lodge an Application.

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We are unable to discuss prospective adoptions until the relevant paperwork has been lodged and verified.

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