NOAH – 5 yrs 2 mths – RED MALE – 8/9KG

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Location: Brisbane South
Available for meet and greet

Noah is a sweet gentle boy who loves being around his human owners. He loves cuddles on the couch and – if allowed – up on the big bed. While he can tolerate other dogs, he prefers to be an only dog so he can have the humans all to himself.
Noah has shown a marked preference to adults over children. Noah is still very much a puppy and loves chasing balls (and toys) although hasn’t quite worked out the return part. Unlike many dachshunds, Noah very rarely barks but can become quite obsessive and – if given the opportunity – aggressive toward native animals.
He does walk reasonably well on a lead (harness recommended) although sudden noises can spook him, and he wants to return home. Walks well off lead with reasonably good recall. Loves car rides but requires a boosted dog car seat (supplied) so he can watch the world go by. He will sleep in his own dog bed but prefers the human bed if allowed. Not fussy with what he eats. While Noah is toilet trained it would be best if he can have doggy door access to the outside. Not recommended for houses with stairs.
Noah loves a nice interesting back yard to investigate.
Noah has lived his life with a retired lady, so ideally an active retired home is what we are looking for.

Noah is de sexed and up to date with vaccinations and flea/tick treatment. He is in good overall health but does need to lose a couple of kilos!

Noah comes with his own dog beds, bowls, toys, various harnesses and leads, boosted car seat and custom-made steps to the big bed or couch.
De sexed, microchipped, C5 and Heartworm Vaccinations and fully vet checked as per our Policy.

Adoption Fee: $750.00


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