OLLIE – 3 YRS – BLACK & TAN SMOOTH MALE – DOB 30/04/19 – 7.9KG

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Ollie is a lovely boy best suited to a household where someone is home more often than not. He will bond quickly with you and will want to be with you as much as possible both indoors and out.

He loves daily walks and is quite energetic but has to be checked occasionally to stop him from pulling on the lead. He likes to sit on the couch with you and he divides his snuggle time between all members of the household.

He does bark at passing pedestrians and dogs but stops when called. He is a well-behaved boy and is quite obedient. He has a friendly approach to other people and dogs but will snap and bite when stressed and should be kept away from small children so therefore he needs a quiet home as he did come from a home with small noisy children and did become reactive.

He is fully toilet trained and if the door is closed, he will let you know that he wants to go outside. He likes chewing and playing with toys but is not otherwise destructive.

Ollie travels well in the car and enjoys going for a ride and usually goes to sleep. He is crate trained and sleeps peacefully through the night and occasionally has an afternoon nap in his crate.

He eats twice a day but needs to be supervised as he is easily distracted and will leave his food to bark at passing dogs.

Desexed, Microchipped, fully vaccinated inc C5 and Heartworm yearly, flea/tick and full Vet check as per our Policy.

ADOPTIN FEE: $1700.00


If your application is more than 2 weeks old, please resubmit.

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We are unable to discuss prospective adoptions until the relevant paperwork has been lodged and verified.


Email: rescue@d2dr.org.au