Available for meet and greet by appointment

Size: Medium

Description: Rocky is a chunky and adorable dog with a round body from his Pug heritage and a long body with short legs from his Dachshund side. He loves to snuggle and lay on your lap, enjoying the warmth and comfort of human company.

Personality: Rocky is friendly with other dogs but may be wary of humans. He loves the company of women and would do best in a home without children. He is content to be alone for short periods. Rocky is house trained and enjoys going for walks at least twice a day.

Training: Rocky is well-behaved and knows commands such as sit, wait, and understands when he is told no. He loves to play with his ball and is very socks-driven, so be sure to hide your socks from him!

Ideal Home: Rocky would thrive in a home with a couple who can provide him with the attention and love he craves. A quiet environment with no children and someone who can be with him most of the time would be ideal for Rocky.

Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and healthy.