Sandra Beevers

I come from a Dachshund Family for as long as I can remember we have had dachshunds.  

My grandmother, Aunts Cousins and close family, friends all had them, on the last count we have more than 17 amongst us all.

My first Dachshund was a little red girl – Elsa.  She came to us when I was around 5, though my real story with Dachshunds started when I was 12 and Klara entered my life.   

Klara was my first black and tan standard dachshund then Sophie came along, followed by Lizzie, a rescued red.  When I left home, sadly the dashies had to stay with mum and Sacha and Nikkita became her new companions.  

Once I was settled in my own home, I decided it was time for me to have a dog.  I knew it had to be a dachshund and I didn’t care what colour or size.  However, I met Harvey and he was the one for me, it was love at first site.  After a little while Ellie came along and when I lost my mum, Sacha and Nikkita came back and continued to live their best lives with me.  

When mum’s girls passed, I was “chosen” by Maggie and Ivy and we have become a family of one human, 4 dashies and 2 cats.  

Through my “made to measure Dog Coats” business Harvey’s Paws and my interest in my Dachshunds, I joined various dachshund Facebook pages and when I could, started volunteering. 

Through the following of certain pages, I found Devoted 2 Dachshund Rescue and I saw what they do and how they assist Dachshunds in general through their Fundraising. I was invited in 2022 to be a Director on the Committee of Management, and I was beyond thrilled.   This has been a wonderful experience for me as I have met so many lovely people and their dachshunds, however I also understand the trials and tribulations that owning a dachshund can bring.    

Through my fostering, I have cried when I have seen a family having to surrender one of their little four paws and I have now also fostered some lovely little ones myself, and I also help in their fundraising efforts.

Being part of D2DR has enabled me to meet some amazing people and help our wonderful breed and I feel, that if I can do one little bit to help them, I can hug mine that little bit tighter, which means that it that has been a good day.