Shelley Thompson

TeamPhotoShelleyHi, my name is Shelley Thompson.  I was surprised the other day when I worked out that, as we got our first mini longhair dachsie in 1981, we’ve actually been owned by this breed for 35 years!!!  Since then, we’ve not had any time without one of these quirky, chatty little dogs in our lives.

Our first boy was part payment of a debt and while we could really have used the cash at the time, we loved that wee man from the moment he came home inside Murray’s jacket until the moment he took his final breath at the ripe old age of 17.  He was our first dachsie and our first Australian family member but definitely was not to be our last.

Since then we’ve had a few others with our current golden oldie about to turn 14 having been a huge part of our lives since he was just 8 weeks old.

Through Facebook, we have discovered a whole world of like-minded crazy dachsie-obsessed people on many dachshund groups throughout Australia and indeed worldwide.  Through one of these, I saw a sad photo of a wee boy in a cage in a pound.  I HAD to rescue him.  Our poor old boy was lonely after the loss of his non-dachsie friend and this one looked just perfect – I even told my employer that I wouldn’t be at work the day he was to be “released” as I had to be there when the pound opened.  Then I heard that a Queensland based rescue (D2DR) would be taking him under their wings and so I emailed them and then confessed at home.  Apparently we didn’t need another but then that person (husband) picked up the phone without telling me, spoke with Ricky and before I knew what was happening, I had completed an adoption form.  Although we’d been warned it could take some weeks to wade through the applications for him, Ricky contacted me 2 days later with the offer of a meet and greet so off we trekked one extremely wet Friday afternoon with our little old man to meet Zackie and his foster carer in a very drenched park.  On the application form, I’d said that the decision would be Fudge’s … and when we saw 2 little tales wagging when they greeted each other, we knew he had decided and we were about to be a family of 4 again.  Soon after, we were homeward bound with an extra in the back seat – and what a sad, confused little face!  He soon settled in though and within hours we felt as if he’d always been with us.  We’ll always be thankful to D2DR for being there for Zackie  and for us and so began our association with D2DR.

Since then we’ve been able to ignore Ricky’s passionate pleas to adopt or foster but found ourselves weakening when she asked us to go get a 12-month old that needed long-term care and so Geordie entered our lives.  He often lives up to his Devil Dog nickname but with time and love, we’re sure he’ll end up being another calm and loving addition – we’d forgotten what having a puppy was like!

And now I find myself on the committee for D2DR – happy to be part of this dedicated team of people focussed on giving new lives to dachsies who need our commitment and yours to ensure they live long and happy lives in loving forever homes.