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STELLA – 11 months Dachshund x Cocker Spaniel – Black and Tan 7.8kgs

Stella is full of beans and ready to meet her number one human. Stella is almost a year old, has a load of energy and loves constant attention.

She will snuggle up next to you on the couch or run around the back yard like crazy while you garden. She loves being in your face and receiving loads of pats and attention.

Stella can be an only dog as she is quite possessive, but does get along with some dogs that will put her in her place; once she settles in.

She does have a history of digging, but this may have been out of boredom, as she has not been observed doing this at her foster home.

Stella would thrive in a home with someone who worked from home, however, has been left at home without incident.

She would absolutely suit an active family with older children, who would commit to walking her to help burn off her extra energy.

De Sexed, Microchipped, vaccinated and fully vet checked as per our Policy

Adoption Fee: $700


If your application is more than 2 weeks old, please resubmit.

If you are on our waiting list and interested please contact us and let us know.
If you are interested and have not completed an Adoption Application you must first complete and lodge an Application.

We are unable to discuss prospective adoptions until the relevant paperwork has been lodged and verified.