Tony Brecht

Hi, I’m Tony Brecht.

I am the Treasurer of D2DR and after over 40 yrs of work I have recently retired.

I’ve been around dachshunds from about 8 years of age I bought my first dachshund puppy as an adult in 1986 and have had them ever since. I didn’t get my first mini until 1996 which was also my first long haired and first dapple. She lived until almost 17.

My second dachshund was given to me back in the early 90s and thus was perhaps my first unofficial rescue. I recently lost my last standard at 15 years and my current two are both minis with one only recently adopted from D2DR which was also my first official rescue. I suspect he will not be my last.

As I enter full time retirement I’m becoming more directly involved with fostering surrendered dachshunds prior to their adoption as well as the rehabilitation of several dachshunds surrendered to us for IVDD surgery. I hope to be able to devote more time to helping D2DR and their important work they do for the breed we all love.