WATSON – 4 1/2 YRS – B/T SMOOTH 8.4KG *2 week trial from 02/04/20*

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Location: Brisbane West
*Available for meet and greet by appointment *

Watson is a very handsome gentleman, who loves affection by is not demanding of it. He is good with children and gives in easily to his bossy foster sister – another Dachshund!

Watson is toilet trained and loves a leisurely slow walk and trips in the car.

He will happily sleep in his bet or wherever he can find a soft place.

Watson is ok when left alone however he is very protective and will bark at people or dogs if he can see or hear them but is calm and friendly when you’re in a big crowd of people or other dogs.

For this reason, we feel he needs a calm home where he can potter around the garden with no neighbours’ children inciting him over the fence as that sets him off barking, he would make an excellent companion to a retired person/couple (with grandchildren) so his life is not filled with anxiety to protect his boundaries.

He is gorgeous, gentle and sweet natured boy who deserves a forever home where he will return your love tenfold!

Watson has had 2 homes due to his barking because of close neighbours, absolutely no other reason, so please when you fall in love with those gorgeous eyes think twice before you put your hand up to adopt if your home conditions don’t suit him, for his sake.

De Sexed, Micochipped, Vaccinated and Heartworm Flea/Tick and vet checked as per our Policy.

Adoption Fee: $700


If you are on our waiting list and interested please contact us and let us know.
If you are interested and have not completed an Adoption Application you must first complete and lodge an Application.

We are unable to discuss prospective adoptions until the relevant paperwork has been lodged and verified.


Email: rescue@d2dr.org.au