Will Adsett

  • Will Adsett

My name is Will. I am the proud dad of two miniature dachshunds, Greg and Trevor, who have sparked my passion for the breed. I am relatively new to the breed, adopting Greg first two 1/2 years ago. Trevor came into our lives as a friend for Greg, who suffers from separation anxiety and they are now best mates! I am forever learning about dachshunds; specially how stubborn the can be!

I was drawn to D2DR by the fierce passion that Ricky has for the breed. D2DR have created a thriving rescue for Dachshunds that is well respected and is recognised for ALWAYS putting the dogs first. I am forever in awe of what D2DR has and continues to achieve.

I help out where I can within the Team, often transporting sausages on their way to finding their forever homes, vet visits and pickups. I am very honoured to be a part of the D2DR committee and cannot express my gratitude and thanks to all of the foster carers who spend endless hours loving these beautiful dogs and creating the best possible lives that they all deserve.