Willow – Critical Care

  • Willow
    Willow in her oxygen chamber at ARH

Willow’s 2nd emergency hospital admission

Some prayers for our brave girl Willow, just 45 days in our care, she faces another set back with her Magaesophagus condition, was rushed to Animal Referral Hospital in Sinnamon Park on Monday morning, and put on an oxygen chamber in ICU.
Megaesophagus, also known as esophageal dilation, is a disorder of the esophagus in humans and other mammals, whereby the esophagus becomes abnormally enlarged.
Megaesophagus May be caused by any disease which causes the muscles of the esophagus to fail to properly propel food and liquid from the mouth into the stomach (that is, a failure of peristalsis. Food can become lodged in the flaccid esophagus, where it may decay, be regurgitated, or may be inhaled into the lungs (leading to aspirational pneumonia) which is the stage Willow is at now for the 2nd time.
Huge thanks to Dr Emily Cook, Dr Lance Wilson and staff at Animal Referral Hospital in taking such good care of our brave little battler.
To Our devoted Foster Carer Vanessa for her round the clock vidulence, we cannot thank you enough.
As Willow’s hospital care continues to escalate we will continue to provide her with everything possible to bring her home again.
If you wish to donate to Willow’s on going care, all donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.
Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue
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Willow Appeal – Critical Care

Willow is a beautiful Standard Black and Tan Female aged 8, due to unforeseen circumstances Willow was surrendered into our care on the 3rd November, just 19 days ago.
Whilst we received Willow’s past vet history, it seems that her diagnosis was not fully realised, she had had some vomiting episodes and frequent drinking and regurgitating, and wee-ing.
Whilst in the care of our foster Carer, things just did not seem right to her, as the vomiting got more pronounced and breathing seemed a little laboured, and she was very lethargic.
We admitted her to our Vets at Brookfield, where they suspected Willow was suffering from Acquired Mega oesophagus
*Please refer the Basic Information provided by Animal Referral Hospital*
posted below.
Willow spend 2 days at Brookfield vets, where she was ultra sounded, had blood tests and Barium x-ray.
We transferred Willow to Animal Referral Hospital under the care of Dr Emily Cook Head of Internal Medicine last Friday the 15th November for further diagnostics, x-rays and critical care for her secondary pneumonia.
After 4 days in hospital at ARH Willow has been released into the care of her D2DR Foster Carer with a list of Medications, Feeding Guidelines and Home care.
She is doing well and now keeping her food down and water, regaining her strength and spending lots of time with her foster carers that are home all day watching her 24/7.
Mega oesophagus is a life threatening lifetime condition; Willow’s next scheduled appointment at ARH is Tuesday 26th November where she will have further x-rays and consultation.
A special thanks to one of our dachshund members who is building Willow a custom measured Bailey Chair just for her.
As you all know we do our best to provide comprehensive medical care to all our little dachshunds that are in need.
Willow’s vet bills so far are a total of $3626.40
The Team at D2DR, foster Carers and volunteers’ work tirelessly caring for Dachshunds, supporting the re homing process, driving to vets and hospital and picking up and delivering of dachshunds.
Recently we have had several dachshunds needing serious vet work; we could sure do with a little help for Willow’s account.
If you would like to donate towards Willow’s care to date and continuing medical care all donations over S2 are Tax Deductible.
Pay Direct to:
Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue
Bank of Queensland
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REF: Willow
REF: Willow
Please if you are paying by direct deposit, we require an email sent to info@d2dr.org.u so we have an email address to send your tax receipt
Once again from the bottom of our hearts we thank you, your friends, dachshund owners, dachshund groups, our supporters and our past donators that have rallied together to help us, help those dachshunds less fortunate than our own.