Zackie’s Rescue

Zackie was placed into a pound in Stanthorpe, his owner not knowing we existed, he was not good around chooks and his owner had no other choice but to put him up for adoption.

When D2DR was alerted of the situation and Zackie’s owner realized we existed, she wanted nothing more that to get her little boy out of the pound and give him to us so he would be safe and loved and in caring hands of a Dachshund Family.

Zackie’s bill at the pound was almost $200 which was paid for by D2DR, Zackie’s mum picked him up and took him back home, then one of our foster mums picked him up for the night, the next day one foster mum from Brisbane drove half way to pick him up and bring him home to her so we could then complete his vet health care and vaccinations, so he could then be re homed.

Another wonderful team effort on behalf of the caring team at D2DR. Zackie was successfully re homed with another long hair dachshund who had been fretting from the loss of his mate, they settled in right from the start, a match made in heaven they tell me!

Zackie’s new owners

“He has fitted right in and loves and is loved by his brother Fudge. He is happy for us to share our bed with him and is a real burrower and snuggler to the point where Murray in particular has one on either side of him in his recliner. He, like Fudge, seems to enjoy heading out for car rides and walks on the beach. Anyone, hooman or canine, who gets within tongue length is rewarded with kisses – lots of them. He is just a beautiful boy and within a couple of days it felt like he’d always lived with us and we couldn’t imagine us without him! Thanks Ricky and Deb (his last foster mum) for entrusting him into our arms and hearts.”

“Day 5 and counting – it already feels like he’s not never been part of our family. Dare I say I’m so pleased he became a rehomer Especially given only days before we said we’d wait til fudge wasn’t around before getting another in case it upset him too much and then i saw that little face in the pound! Day 14 -So he can keep us – woohoo? He and Fudge were kissing tonight so don’t think it would only be me that missed him”

Zackie’s previous owner

“Ricky, we can’t thank you enough for helping to get our boy out of the pound, offering foster care and thank you for finding him his new home, we love him but could not keep him it really helps to know there is such a wonderful rescue to help.”