Ziggii And Chloe

51 years ago when I was 4 we got our very first Daxie and ever since that day Daxies are the only breed I have ever owned. There is something about those big soft ears and that very loyal nature that keeps me coming back for more. After my last 2 went to sleep at 13 and 15 I swore I couldn’t do it again but the call of owning another Daxie was as loud as their bark.

For quite some time I have been aware of the need for rescue animals to get another chance so with my need to have another Daxie and my want to give a home to a mature dog I began watching D2DR group. I remember the morning that I logged onto the site and saw my 2 girls for the first time. They were exactly what I had been looking for, 2 little girls who had been together since pups but needed a loving home for their retirement. They were and are perfect.

Ziggii and Chloe are my shadows, wherever I am they are, except for work. I am very blessed that my daughter lives 2 kms away and on the days that I have to work she has my girls visit with her and on the nights that I work night shifts my girls trot through the specially made hole in the fence and they sleep at my neighbours house, yes in their house and on their lounge.

Regardless of my shifts at work or the weather the girls insist on having 2 walks every day and they loveeeeeeeeeee a trip to the creek and or beach. There they run off lead with the breeze blowing back those big floppy ears that I love so much.

It has only been 3 months since the girls came into my life and I cannot imagine my life without their big happy faces or those sad eyes when the car ride doesn’t include them. Thanks to D2DR for letting me have my best 2 buddies.