3 Hound Sausages, a cherished sponsor of D2DR, embodies a shared passion for the well-being and joy of our canine companions. This unique handmade craft store, dedicated to the Dachshund and broader dog community, stands out for its commitment to locally sourced materials, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that resonate with the uniqueness of our beloved pets. Since its establishment in 2011, 3 Hound Sausages has become synonymous with quality and style, specifically catering to the distinctive needs of Dachshunds and their owners.

The inception of 3 Hound Sausages is a story of passion meets purpose. Founder Julie Ziccone transformed her love for her three Dachshunds – Dasha, Ebony, and Maddison – and her talent for creating exquisite handmade crafts into a venture that speaks directly to the hearts of dog lovers. The addition of Oliver, another Dachshund puppy, further inspired the expansion of their product range. Today, 3 Hound Sausages is more than just a brand; it's a testament to the love and dedication that goes into making products that celebrate the bond between pets and their owners.

At D2DR, we are immensely grateful for 3 Hound Sausages' ongoing support. Their products are not just items; they are creations born out of a deep understanding and affection for our furry friends. Every piece crafted by 3 Hound Sausages reflects a meticulous attention to detail and a quality that our Dachshunds and their human companions deserve. As a community, we cherish this partnership, knowing that it represents a shared commitment to providing only the best for our beloved dachshunds. 3 Hound Sausages isn’t just a sponsor; they are an integral part of our D2DR family, contributing to the happiness and well-being of Dachshunds and their owners alike.

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