Meet Chica+Co, a Brisbane-based business crafting organic, tasty meal supplements that promise to enrich the lives of dogs. Behind every scoop of Chica+Co's wholesome goodness is Audra Jimenez, a woman whose own journey with her dogs inspired a quest for natural, effective nutrition solutions.

Audra's story is one of love, dedication, and innovation. From a young age, her life has been intertwined with dogs, leading her down a path of fostering, volunteering, and eventually canine nutrition. It was her dachshund, Chica, battling acute pancreatitis, and later, Baeya, facing severe skeletal issues, who opened Audra's eyes to the power of tailored, natural diets. These personal experiences became the cornerstone of Chica+Co, symbolising hope and healing through nutrition.

Chica+Co stands out for its commitment to simplicity, quality, and transparency. Rejecting the complex chemical concoctions that dominate supplement labels, Audra embarked on a mission to harness the magic of superfoods.

The belief that our dogs deserve nothing but the purest, most nurturing ingredients mirrors our own. Audra's journey from personal challenge to creating a holistic nutrition company showcases a dedication to canine health that we admire and support.

As Audra puts it, the goal is simple: to ensure every dog can lead its best, healthiest life. This mission, grounded in love, expertise, and the desire to make a real difference, makes Chica+Co a beacon for pet parents seeking natural, effective wellness solutions. And with every product wrapped in eco-friendly packaging, they're not just nurturing our dogs but the planet they play on.

For those looking to blend love and nutrition into every meal, explore Chica+Co's range and discover how superfoods can bring out the super in your dog. It's about giving our dachshunds, and indeed all dogs, the vibrant health and joy they bring into our lives every day.

Join us in celebrating Audra and Chica+Co's journey, a true ally in the quest for canine wellness. Because at D2DR, we believe that a healthy dachshund is a happy dachshund, and with Chica+Co, that's a promise delivered naturally.