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What a treasure this little man is, Ziggy unfortunately was surrendered through no fault of his own, but a major family crisis, he's great with kids and dachshunds.
Ziggy is a 4 year old desexed male dachshund cross.
He weighs approximately 10kg.

He was raised with three children, 14, 10 and 8.  Our 9yr old granddaughter was with us when we collected him from his previous owners.  He travelled well in the back seat with her and went to sleep on her lap.

Buster our 6yo dachshund has been playing non stop with Ziggy.  Around 4pm everyday the new zoomies start up.  It’s hilarious to watch them interact as Ziggy was previously an only dog.

He is slowly getting used to the doggie door.  The flap is held up for him to negotiate and get his confidence.

A typical dachshund trait of barking at others but he is slowly getting used to his environment . He does not like the robot vacuum, he even tried to bite it but again he is getting used to it.

Currently he sleeps in the human bed and shares this with his foster brothers and parents.

He has not been walked a lot on a lead previously, but I am sure he will catch on quickly.  Beware of the tail it can be seen wagging constantly and heard a lot.

Desexed, Microchipped, Vaccinated and vet checked.


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