Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation, offering comprehensive, state-of-the-art medical services for pets. With a network of five ultramodern facilities, the ARH embodies a synergy of expertise, technology, and a deep-seated passion for animal welfare. At the heart of ARH lies a commitment to maintain the highest standards of veterinary care, spearheaded by a team of specialists who have garnered international recognition in their respective fields. This, coupled with D2DR's mission to ensure the safety and well-being of every daxie, creates a powerful collaboration aimed at fostering a nurturing environment for our furry companions.

At ARH, the philosophy of providing exceptional customer service is embedded within a framework that prioritises the comfort and well-being of pets. The highly devoted nursing staff, all pet owners themselves, go above and beyond in ensuring that each pet is treated with the same love and care they would accord to their own, thus aligning seamlessly with D2DR’s ethos of compassion and excellence in animal care. Furthermore, the partnership that ARH harbours with D2DR brings together the expertise of notable individuals such as Dr Lance Wilson, a specialist surgeon, and Dr Maurine Thomson, a specialist surgical oncologist, amongst others. This collaboration fosters a wealth of knowledge and experience, promising unparalleled care and treatment options for every pet that walks through our doors.

ARH's facilities are nothing short of a haven for pets, offering an extensive range of amenities meticulously designed to cater to their unique needs. From eight well-appointed consultation rooms to specially designed wards including recovery, kennel, and exotic wards, every detail speaks of innovation and comfort. The hospital houses advanced medical imaging suites, featuring cutting-edge technologies such as a 64-Slice Cardiac CT Scanner and Superconducting High Field MRI Imaging Suite. Moreover, the inclusion of a physiotherapy gym equipped with a canine treadmill, retail outlet for specialist products, and separate waiting areas for dogs and cats further encapsulate the comprehensive approach ARH takes to animal care. Just as we at D2DR continually strive to forge ahead in the field of dachshund welfare, ARH complements our efforts with their commitment to being industry leaders, running regular workshops and seminars to foster continuous education and collaboration within the veterinary community. Together, we envision a future where every dachshund enjoys a life full of love, care, and the highest standards of medical support.

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We are a 24 hour emergency & specialist vet hospital. At our Brisbane hospital in Sinnamon Park, ARH provides a 24 hour emergency service and specialist referral services in surgery, internal medicine and oncology. This is supported by a range of complimentary services including diagnostic imaging,…
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