We're honoured to spotlight Brookfield Veterinary Surgery, a longstanding pillar of support and a beacon of excellence in animal care within our community. With a rich history spanning 30 years, this family-owned veterinary surgery has seamlessly intertwined the principles of love, care, and a strong sense of community in their mission to provide a lifetime of superior care for your beloved pets. Located at the heart of our locality on 300 Rafting Ground Road, Brookfield, the surgery embodies the spirit of continuity, with Catherine Toft and Charlie Eggers recently taking over the reins, ensuring that the nurturing legacy established by Richard and Bronwyn Toft remains undiminished. Just like D2DR, they are deeply entrenched in the well-being of dachshunds, offering a sanctuary where our furry friends are embraced as part of an extended family, receiving the utmost love and attention during their time of need.

At D2DR, we have always cherished our collaboration with Brookfield Veterinary Surgery, a partnership that is founded on mutual respect and a shared vision for animal welfare. Charlie and Catherine, who joined the Brookfield family in 2014, have injected fresh energy and innovation into the practice, bringing to the fore advanced facilities and equipment that guarantee an unparalleled level of patient care. Their dedication and genuine love for animals resonate well with our ethos at D2DR, creating a synergy that has helped in fostering a safe and loving environment for every daxie under our wing. From the brand new large dog ward to the state-of-the-art IDEXX blood machines and comfortable heated cages, every little detail has been looked into to ensure that your pet enjoys a comfortable and soothing experience.

Brookfield Veterinary Surgery extends its commitment to nurturing a compassionate generation through their active involvement in the Pet Pep program. Through this initiative, they venture into schools to enlighten the young minds about responsible pet ownership, fostering a deep understanding and respect for animal behaviour and well-being. This community-oriented approach, coupled with their generous support for various community events, mirrors our commitment at D2DR to create a society where every dachshund can lead a life filled with love, dignity, and joy. As we continue our journey, we look forward to fostering this beautiful alliance, united in our goal to make a meaningful difference in the lives of dachshunds, one loving step at a time.

(07) 3374 1477 
300 Rafting Ground Road
Brookfield QLD 4069
Brookfield Veterinary Surgery | Brookfield Veterinary Surgery
Brookfield Veterinary Surgery has been caring for the pets of the Brookfield community for over 30 years. Show your pet you love them. Book a visit today!