Available for meet and greet by appointment.

Charlie is as cute as a button and small in stature (approx. 7kg) who will melt your heart instantly. At only 2 years old he is still like a big puppy but really likes his cuddles

He is very bonded with Diesel and they both sleep in the same bed. Like most Dachshunds he is food orientated and it would probably be wise to give him a slow feeding bowl.
He does inhale his food ( it takes him less than 30sec to finish his bowl otherwise). If he is finished before his brother, he will help him finish his meal.

He can be very shy at first but wait till he finds out you are nice and nothing to be scared off. You have a lap dog.
He loves his walks and chasing cats and birds so I feel a house with a cat would not be suited.
He loves his Foster siblings ( 4 males including his brother) and to see them all play and chase after each other is so funny.
They all seem to stand in line for the same tree and prefer concrete to grass when it is raining.
Charlie has a good recall and tends not to bark to much unless it is a stranger at the door but will settle down quickly.

Meet Diesel, (the Tank engine)

There is no better name more fitting for this chunky 6-year-old boy now weighing in at 9.5kg (I put him on a diet).
He is very laid back and likes to watch everything at first. He will however have some playing time with his brother and chase the birds in the back yard.
He will let you know if something is bothering him and will give you a bark and then it is up to you to move the obstacle in his way.
It could be a dog in his bed or something blocking his way. He likes to take the shortest distance from a to b. Oh and of course when he wants his dinner.
He does not like loud noises, and he will bark at them being the delivery driver slamming his door, the dog barking next door or the Thunder in a storm.

Desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea/tick worming and full vet checked as per our Policy.

ADOPTION FEE (The Pair): $1900.00

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