At D2DR, fostering is a labour of love that springs directly from the heart. Our network of devoted foster carers embodies the spirit of compassion, dedicating themselves to the nurturing and rehabilitation of dachshunds in need, whether they are rescues, re-homes, or those requiring medical attention. The fostering journey is a unique blend of joy and heartache, involving countless hours of care, affection, and sometimes tearful goodbyes. Our foster carers are well-acquainted with the quirky nature and comical personalities of dachshunds, a trait that comes from years of experience with these loving creatures. Their tireless efforts in providing a loving transitional home to our daxies are instrumental in preparing them for their new forever homes.

Embarking on a fostering journey with D2DR means becoming a vital part of a community that shares a profound love for dachshunds. The selfless dedication and nurturing provided by our carers not only transforms the lives of the dachshunds but also brings a fulfilling sense of achievement, knowing that they've played a pivotal role in reshaping a daxie's destiny. The bond that forms in the process is deeply touching, with many precious moments spent cuddling, walking, and nurturing these little beings back to health and happiness. It's an endeavour that leaves a lasting imprint on both the carer and the daxie. If your heart is drawn to the nurturing journey that fostering entails, we invite you to join our ranks of compassionate foster carers. Please click on the link below to submit a Foster Carer Application, and become a beacon of hope and love for a daxie in need. Our Foster Care Coordinator will be in touch to guide you through the next steps.