"Available for meet and greet by appointment"

Introducing Freya and Arlo, a beautiful bonded pair!
These charming smooth-haired dachshunds have captured our hearts with their unwavering love and playful antics.

Freya, the regal princess of the pair, exudes warmth and affection with her light red coat and endearing personality. Her love for walks is only rivalled by her enthusiasm for treats, showcasing her keen intelligence and eagerness to play.

Freya's gentle nature makes her an ideal companion for both quiet evenings at home and exciting outdoor adventures.

Arlo, the loyal protector, stands by Freya's side with unwavering devotion. While initially reserved around strangers, his heart warming gaze and affectionate demeanour shine through once he forms a connection.

Arlo's penchant for cuddles and close companionship makes him the perfect shadow to his human family, always seeking to be by their side. These delightful pups are ready to bring joy and warmth to their forever home.

Both are desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated inclusive of heart worm annual vaccination, Bravecto and worming and Fully Vet checked as per our Policy.