LOCATION: Kenmore, QLD 4069
Available for meet and greet by appointment.

 Meet Milo: Your Future Best Friend
Greetings! My name is Milo, and I’ve just turned one. My birthday wish? To find my forever family.
Milo is the epitome of a family dog. He showers everyone—young and old—with affection. Though he might bark at strangers for the first 30 seconds, he quickly apologizes with a kiss or a roll over.
Milo demonstrates a rare level of emotional empathy. Living with an older dog with a bad back, Milo plays gently, often sitting quietly together in the sun. Conversely, with a young, energetic Dachshund, he engages in rough-and-tumble puppy games for hours.
He’s a quick learner, too. In his foster home, the rule is no begging at the dinner table; dogs must go to their bed while the adults eat. By the third day, Milo had mastered this rule, always the first to head to his bed at dinner time.

Milo loves his food, performing his special “breakfast dance” and breaking records for the fastest to swallow a bowl of kibble.

At just one year old, Milo already walks, retrieves, and sits like a mature dog. Of course, he makes mistakes—after all, Mum’s new slippers do look like doggie toys. However, Milo thrives on positive feedback. Tell him “no” just once, and he won’t touch the slippers again. A sensitive soul, he responds best to firm but loving instruction. Scolding him loudly once led him to hide in his crate. This sweet boy just wants to please and be loved.

 When you come to meet Milo, we’ll share his happy history and even photos from the day he was born. Healthwise, he is perfect, as is his history.
Milo loves snuggling on the sofa, car rides, walks, and coffee shops that serve puppychinos. He is a very special sausage and deserves a loving home that welcomes him as a fully-fledged member of the family. He wants to join you for as many outings as possible and be in the same room with the family all day. Give Milo lots of love, and he will return it ten times over.

 Milo doesn’t like to be alone and will fret a little when anyone leaves, even if the rest of the family is home. However, he has outgrown any real separation anxiety. He plays well with other dogs after the initial 30 seconds of boasting and loves the companionship.

And did we mention he has the softest fur and the most expressive ears ever?
Give Milo the loving home he deserves, and he will be your loyal companion for life.

Desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated including heart worm annual , Bravecto and worming 3 monthly and fully vet-checked as per our policy

ADOPTION FEE: $1800.00