Available for meet and greet by appointment*

Yogi 10-year-old Red Miniature Dachshund Boston  9-year-old Miniature Dachshund / Foxie

If you are looking for a lovely bonded pair of older dogs that are great with children or perhaps with the grandchildren is more what you are looking for, then these 2 boys will be hard to BEAT!

Yogi and Boston are an adorable, bonded pair.  They are very friendly and accept new people easily with a wagging tail. They are also very accepting of meeting new dogs but do get quite excited and bark in greeting.  They are child friendly.

 They love to cuddle up with you while you watch TV or have a coffee.  Boston especially loves to be on your lap or right next to you.  Yogi loves a cuddle too, but he is also happy to find a spot on his own to have a snooze.  The boys are usually quiet in the house aside from the occasional rough and tumble play.  They do however, tend to bark if locked outside while you go out.  They are very content dogs and happy to just be near you, whatever you’re doing.  They love to go for a walk, but do get a bit excited and can pull a bit, although they usually settle down after a few minutes.  They travel well in the car and are quiet. 

 They are crate trained for sleeping at night and they have also been used to sleeping in beds.  They are house trained and will use a doggy door, but there is the occasional wee mishap, so supervision is recommended on carpeted areas.

According to original owner, Yogi does not like thunder, and needs a lot of cuddles and reassurance during a storm, however their fosters haven’t been able to verify this either way. They usually come when called and can sit on command.  They are not fussy eaters and love their food.

 Overall, these boys bring a lot of love with them and just want to be adored by their owners.  They are very sweet natured and eager to please. 

Desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated inc heart worm annual injection, bravecto and worming 3 monthly and fully vet checked by our vets at Brookfield vets in Brisbane.