Available for meet and greet by appointment

Frankie is a divine mini chocolate dapple long haired female dachshund and an absolute sweetie. 

Everyone loves her and wants to pat her wherever she goes. She is affectionate, cuddles are a must and will nudge you if you don't have a hand resting on her. She just loves to be close to her humans.

However, she is a chiller and time. She's relaxed with grooming - nail clipping hairtrimming absolutely perfect.
She knows her bed and is so well behaved. But also loves a sneaky bed cuddle. Crates are a definite NO GO!
She still struggles with toileting due to her past and may do accidents, however knows when it's time to go outside she knows to "go" with encouragement.

Frankie doesn't necessarily need other doggies for companions but wouldn't likebeing left alone. She needs people to be with her or around her or taken wherever they go.
She just loves to be in the company of her clan.

Frankie has been desexed by us, she is microchipped, C5 and heart-worm annual, Bravecto and worming (3monthly) and fully vet checked by our vets at Brookfield

ADOPTION FEE: $1500.00