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Meet Coco and Wembley, the dynamic duo of the dog world! These two adorable sausage dogs are like peas in a pod, always side by side and never wanting to be apart.

Their friendship is a beautiful testament to the power of companionship.Coco and Wembley may occasionally engage in playful fights, but it's all in good fun. They chase each other around, playfully nipping at each other's tails, and rolling around in the grass. It's their way of expressing their love and strengthening their bond.

Let me introduce you to Coco, the adorable seven-year-old brown sausage dog with a heart full of love and a passion for walks! Coco has a special talent for understanding when you say the magic word "walk," and her excitement is simply contagious.But Coco's love extends far beyond just going for walks. She's a furry ball of affection, always ready to shower her family with kisses and cuddles. Her warm and gentle nature makes her the perfect companion for cozy nights in, as she snuggles up close and provides endless comfort.

Meet Wembley, the two-year-old black and tan sausage dog whose heart is as long as his body! Born with a zest for life and an unbreakable bond with his humans, Wembley has never met a lap he didn't love or a cuddle he could resist. With his glossy black coat and soulful eyes, he's the living embodiment of love and loyalty.From the moment he wakes up, tail wagging excitedly, Wembley is on a mission to be as close to his favorite people as possible. Whether it's following you around the house, helping you 'read' the newspaper, or joining in on TV time by burrowing under the blankets, he's your shadow with a wag.

So, if you ever spot Coco and Wembley together, prepare to be captivated by their love and playfulness. They are a reminder that true friendship knows no boundaries, and that the love between two sausage dogs can warm anyone’s hearts.

Desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated inc Heart worm yearly vaccination, Bravecto and worming and fully vet checked as per our policy.

ADOPTION FEE: and $1800.00 (the pair)