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As another month soon comes to a close, we have been once again inundated with dogs being surrendered for rehoming. It’s very tough times for so many people and families it’s truly heartbreaking.

This month we saw Chico through her 2nd IVDD surgery in Melbourne, at a cost of several thousand dollars, I can’t STRESS ENOUGH THE NEED FOR PET INSURANCE IS NOT NEGOTIABLE WHEN PURCHASING A DACHSHUND.
Also, PES VARUS surgeries are increasing, with this type of surgery it does not show up when you purchase a puppy until 4-5 months of age, so if you haven’t insured your puppy as soon as you get it, you’ll be up for several thousands of dollars for each leg corrective surgery. AGAIN, VERY COMMON IN DACHSHUNDS - GET PET INSURANCE PLEASE.

With regards to buying a dachshund puppy, do your homework, a BIN (BREEDER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER) is not a registered breeder, anyone that breeds a litter of pups must have one, and it’s free to anyone. So don’t be fooled that this person you are buying from is a registered pedigree breeder who has spent dedicated decades of their lives ensuring their bloodlines are the very best they can breed, a BIN is just a government requirement it is not a pedigree. So, my best advice to you is PET INSURANCE.

Applying, or renewing a Supply Number · Dog Breeders Register

Pes Varus Support. Please help.

While not as immediately life-threatening as Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), conditions like Pes Varus demand timely interventions to ensure our dachshunds can live their lives fully and comfortably.

Currently, we are caring for five dachshunds: Coco, Daisy, Skyler, and Steve, all requiring Pes Varus surgeries, and Lenny, who needs surgery for an angular limb deformity. Pes Varus is a genetic condition that causes the hind legs to bow inward, leading to significant walking difficulties and discomfort. Surgical intervention can dramatically improve a dog’s mobility and quality of life.

We are reaching out to our community for ideas and support to help raise the necessary funds for these crucial surgeries. Any ideas, sponsorships, or contributions you can offer would be greatly appreciated as we strive to balance urgent medical needs with ongoing care requirements. Every bit of support helps us get closer to providing these essential surgeries for our dachshunds. Read More

Dachshunds And Pes Varus | ARH Vets
Find out about the symptoms, treatment and long-term outcome for dachshunds with Pes varus.
Donating to D2DR
For Vet Care, Specialist Care, Travel Costs, Food, Medication, Preventive Care. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Ways to donate Become a D2DR Angel Member D2DR Angel Membership With a D2DR Angel membership the tax-deductible amount of your choice is donated automatically every month. By becoming an Angels you

Dachshund Health & Wellbeing with Audra

Members only article: 5 Healthy & Cheap Foods to Boost your Dog Kibble Every Day.

So, a ‘complete and balanced’ bowl of dry food, or bowl of any food for your dog is an interesting claim. What does a complete & balanced DIET look like versus a complete and balanced MEAL? Before I go into the Top 5 Foods you can feed your dog to boost the nutritional content of that complete & balanced meal, I’d like to just give you some ‘food for thought’ (bad joke I know!). Pick up a bag or can of dog food & pretty much the first thing you will see is the term ‘complete & balanced’ plastered all over the packaging. But what does this even mean? Is there any such thing? Read the full article.

Available for meet and greet by appointment.

I am energetic and full of LOVE. I LOVE squeaky toys to death, I LOVE kids (but I get a bit shy), I LOVE walks and hanging out with other dachshunds at the local meet up. If you’re looking for me, I’m usually on the couch, cosy in my blanket, or rolling in the grass. My favourite foods are “YES, ALL OF IT”. As excited as I am to meet new people, I prefer a gentle introduction with other dogs. After that, I’m good to go! And I do like socialising in the small dog park. I’ve got a bit of separation anxiety when left alone, even with other dogs; so, I’d love a family as long as someone works from home or is a home, as my previous owner who became unwell was always at home, to keep me company. I’m super excited to get to know you and the family! Desexed, Microchipped, Fully vaccinated inc Heart worm annual. ADOPTION FEE: $1600.00
Read more our website or apply.

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