*Available for meet and greet by appointment*

 “Snitzie" is a very loyal loving boy’

 Snitzel is a fun loving, energetic and very loyal little boy who loves to run and chase balls in his down time.

He gets super excited when you get home and can’t wait to greet you for a hug and a cuddle.

He lives rural and would need some where he can burn off his energy or alternatively be exercised regularly.

Snitzel can be reserved and make take some time to get to know new people but a way to his heart would be with a tennis ball and some treats. He would suit a home with no small kids, due to them wanting to grab and hold him and/or with another small dog or Dachshund for company preferably female but would also get on with another male Dachshund. 

Alternatively, if he's the only pet he would love if someone was home with him due to his energetic and loyal nature. He wouldn’t suit a home with larger dogs, cats or birds. 

He is also very smart, learning things quickly and would benefit from further training if his new family was wanting to devote some time to him.

Snitzel's family is going through some health issues and with 3 young children Snitzie is starting to show signs of wanting a calm quiet life rather than the hustle and bustle of young children and busy household.

Desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated including heart worm and fully vet checked as per our policy.