We're excited to welcome Audra Jimenez to our team at Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue as our new guest writer, focusing on dachshund health and wellbeing. Audra brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to our exclusive community. She started Chica+Co to create healthier, natural supplements for dogs, driven by her own dogs' health struggles. With a background that spans dog showing, animal fostering, and professional certifications in Canine Nutrition and Raw Feeding, Audra is well-equipped to share practical advice and tips on keeping our dachshunds healthy and happy.

Her approach is all about using natural, high-quality ingredients to tackle common health issues dogs face, inspired by her journey with her own pets, including her dachshund, "Monks". At D2DR, we believe Audra's down-to-earth advice and heartfelt stories will be a fantastic resource for our members, offering insights into natural care and nutrition for their pets.

Audra's first article "Preventative Diets for Dachshunds with a Predisposition to IVDD" will be published soon and released with our newsletter next month.

We can't wait for you to read her articles and learn more about giving your dachshunds the best life possible. Welcome, Audra!