Available for meet and greet by appointment
Meet Jack, the spirited smooth black and tan mini male dachshund, a mere 4 years young, Jack eagerly awaits the chance to charm you with his boundless energy and affection.

This little dynamo is not just a canine companion; he's a bundle of intelligence and love. Whether it's hours of cuddles or a lizard chase, Jack's zest for life knows no bounds.

Inquisitive by nature, Jack quickly adapts to your household routines while imparting a few of his own. With a keen mind and a quick study, he'll have you marveling at his ability to pick up tricks and habits.

An explorer at heart, Jack revels in long walks where he can indulge his senses with the scents of the world. However, be warned, his selective hearing may kick in when he's engrossed in his explorations. A tighter leash might be in order to keep him in check.

But beneath his adventurous exterior lies a loyal heart. Jack forms strong bonds with his humans, eagerly awaiting their return with a joyful display of tail wags and cuddles. He's a natural socialite, charming everyone from toddlers to nana, and thriving in bustling places like markets and cafes.

While Jack adores the company of his fellow dachshunds, he's still warming up to other breeds. Given time and patience, he could learn to coexist peacefully with a gentle introduction.

As for his dislikes, Jack shares the typical dachshund disdain for rainy weather. A sheltered spot for his "wee" breaks will be a must.

With his sleek coat and perfect proportions, Jack is not just a pretty face; he's a head-turner. And don't forget to keep him cozy in winter with a stylish knitted jumper.

Jack is ready to embark on his next adventure with you. Are you ready to make him a part of your family?

Desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated including heart worm, BRAVECTO and worming (3Monthly) and fully vet checked as per our policy.

ADOPTION FEE: $1500.00