Greetings from the Team at Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue 🐾
We have certainly had another very busy month since we last updated you in February, just in the last 9 days we have had around 13 dogs surrendered to us for re homing, all dogs are being fostered and having all their medicals attended to where need be such as vaccinations and de sexing if necessary.
We urge people wishing to adopt to keep a close eye on our website please.
The rental crisis continues to play a huge factor in dogs being surrendered and its extremely sad and hard on the owners to have to come to that decision, so please be kind on Facebook comments, we really don’t understand this unless we are walking in their shoes. I wrote an article about Adoption Fees and the Cost of Dachshund Care and I hope more people will understand what happens behind the scenes.

Heartworm Alert - Please be vigilant.

It's been an emotionally challenging week for us at D2DR. A long-standing member of our community faced the tough decision to rehome a newly adopted dachshund, realising the wounds from her previous dog's passing in December 2023 hadn't yet healed. This led to her reaching out to us, seeking a better home for the young brindle female she acquired from a less-than-ideal situation in Brisbane. Despite attempts to secure the dog's health records and microchip information from the previous owners, our member was left without replies once the dog was in her care.

Upon surrendering the dog to D2DR, we discovered through immediate health checks and vaccinations that the two-year-old, now named Coco, is battling heartworm. Under the diligent care of Carina, her foster carer, Coco embarked on her treatment journey at Brookfield, anticipated to last at least 12 months. The news has been heartbreaking for us all, but Coco's sweet nature and resilience have touched our hearts deeply. To support her recovery, we're reaching out to our community to help raise $3000 to cover her treatment costs, ensuring Coco gets the chance at the healthy, happy life she deserves. Read More.

Dachshund Health & Wellbeing with Audra

Members only article: Explore the power of preventative diets for dachshunds predisposed to IVDD in our latest feature! Veterinarians often tout the benefits of glucosamine for joint support, particularly for those showing signs of stiffness or arthritis. However, we delve into natural, cost-effective measures that not only support joint health but also aid in preventing IVDD, or in the unfortunate event it occurs, facilitate a quicker recovery. While the market is flooded with expensive supplements boasting minimal beneficial ingredients, we uncover simpler, all-natural ways to incorporate glucosamine into your dog's diet. Strengthening joints, ligaments, and tendons doesn't have to rely on synthetic supplements or NSAIDs. Join us in discovering how a proactive approach to diet can keep your dachshund mobile, pain-free, and potentially reduce the risk of IVDD, embodying the adage that prevention truly is better than cure.

Read the full article here: Preventative Diets For Dachshunds with a Predisposition to IVDD

Peggy and Wilbur

Meet Peggy and Wilbur, our featured adoption for the month! Peggy, a gentle red dachshund, and her brother Wilbur, a stunning chocolate and tan, are inseparable companions who share a love for cuddles, walks, and of course, food. This delightful duo is known for their friendly demeanour towards other dogs, although they're quick to voice their presence. While they haven't been around cats or had much interaction with children, they thrive on human companionship and are looking for a loving home where they can be adored and cherished. Both Peggy and Wilbur are toilet trained, enjoy car rides, and would benefit from having someone around to give them the attention they've grown accustomed to. They come desexed, microchipped, fully vaccinated including heartworm annual injection, and treated with Bravecto and Worming. If you're looking for two beautiful souls to fill your home with joy, Peggy and Wilbur might just be the perfect pair for you. Read more our website or apply.

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March Fundraisers

We were thrilled to be part of the Dogs in The Park NSW Festival and the Newcastle Dachshund Festival Newcastle on the Sunday 3rd March.
We met so many gorgeous Dachshunds and their owners, witnessed the races and
competitions and also raised some vital funds to continue our wok. We would like to say a very big thankyou to the organisers including Chris Boswell and Brad (for choosing our rescue to support) and our wonderful volunteers, Peta and Duncan, Susan and Camille. Once again, our Director Sandra Beevers represented D2DR, an amazing day and a huge effort and lots of hard work from Sandra to make it all work so successfully. Read the full post here.

The Dog Lovers Festival was held in Brisbane on Saturday/Sunday 9th and 10th March. What a fabulous event, our stall looked amazing, and our visiting dachshunds and foster carers made the day for the public to see. It was wonderful to see so many people cueing to pat or kiss the dachshunds on show. Once again, a huge thanks to Director Sandra Beevers for her outstanding event organising and hard work, along with the dedicated foster carers and volunteers of D2DR.

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